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About Viva La Vegan 

Viva La Vegan apparel makes and sells animal free clothing. We are a vegan based brand because our apparel is produced with no animal products; instead we use vegan friendly materials such as cotton and polyester.

We believe one of the most powerful ways to spread awareness and love is through what you wear; through fashion. We have created beautiful designs and we sell threads that will allow you to you to do this. We are confident you will love our designs and quality of our products.

We started Viva La Vegan Apparel because we were tired of the basic t-shirts and wanted to create designs that were creative, colorful and catchy to the eye. Our clothes represent love, fashion, and peace.




Meet Nicholle


I’ve always been into fashion; into styling my clothes to fit my personality. It’s something about fashion that speaks before you even have a chance too. Recently, when I went to look for clothes that I could relate too, the search was never ending. There are a lot of brands out here that I truly like but none felt like a perfect fit. See me... I still have Values in me that some people seem to want to forget. I Value family, my friends, love ❤️, loyalty, hard work, kindness, giving, trust & respect. I needed something of my own that I could bring to life. Something vibrant, colorful & lively, that I could bring into existence. Something that I could work hard on and something that I could be extremely proud of. Vegan was given to me in my dreams. It represents what I stand for and what I want the world 🌎 to return back to being. It’s a STATEMENT that I want to make VALUE•EVERYTHING•GROWN/GROWING•AND•NATURAL Because we could never stop growing. We should never give up our Values, no matter what! We should always Love and put our best foot forward. We should ALWAYS be ourselves and let no one take that away from us. • I have a colorful, social, vibrant, valuable personality and this is what I REPRESENT 🤗😃‼️✊🏽 • I’m WORKING REALLY HARD to bring you all a piece of Viva La Vegan.